Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EXP Podcast #15: Noby Noby Men

Keita Takahashi of Namco Bandai, creator of Katamari Damacy, has once again dipped his nimble fingers into his mystical bucket of genius and pulled out Noby Noby Boy, one of the most bizarre games I have ever played. Mike Schiller of PopMatters bravely took it upon himself to review this oddity. This week, Scott and I use Schiller's piece to discuss our own thoughts on Noby Noby Boy, Metagames, "play," and the sexuality of interstellar worm-like beings. I highly encourage you to watch some YouTube videos of the game and read the PopMatters review, both of which you can find in the shownotes. As always, we would love you to post your comments, no matter how bizarre they may be.

Some discussion starters:
- What are your thoughts on making your own in-game challenges? Have you any memorable accomplishments?
- Do metagames enhance or diminish a gaming experience?
- Do you think Noby Noby Boy is representative of a wider PS3 audience?

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Show Notes:

-Run time: 27 min 4 sec
- Some Noby Noby Boy gameplay.
- Noby Noby Boy and the New PS3 Paradigm by Mike Schiller of PopMatters.
-Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. Noby Noby Boy is indeed a fun time waster. It's one of two games that I play while listening to podcasts.

    When you going to start playing Far Cry 2? I missed it when most of the other major bloggers were playing it and I'd like to do a simultaneous playthrough with somebody.

  2. Really enjoyed the podcast, guys. In response to whether kids would enjoy it, my kids don't see the point and would much rather play Flower. They're interested in the color scheme and all, but they keep asking what they're supposed to do - your initial inclination that kids need more "rules" seems entirely correct, at least for the seven-and-under set.

  3. @ TheGameCritique

    We'll be playing FC2 in a month approximately. We'll let you know.

    @ Mike

    Thanks for stopping by and giving it a listen. Your kid insight is great. It's kind of funny, because I consider Flower's challenges much harder than the ones I create for myself in Noby Noby Boy.

  4. @TheGameCritique

    What's the other game you play during podcasts? Is it similar at all to Noby Noby Boy?


    Thanks for stopping by, Mike. Out of curiosity, what are your kids' favorite games? Is there a "sweet spot" in-between complete freedom and total rigidity?

  5. @Scott Juster The other game I ususally play is Super Stardust HD. And now that I've got the Sonic's Ultimate collection I've been playing some of the classics as well.

    So, no. I don't think any of them are similar to Noby Noby Boy. I don't really think anything is.