Wednesday, October 24, 2012

EXP Podcast #194: Nels and the Ninja

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This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Nels Anderson back the podcast. You may know him from one of his many appearances on the podcast...but it's much more likely you know him as the lead designer of this year's breakout hit, Mark of the Ninja! Design philosophy, player choices, and teleportation: we cover a huge array of topics and have a great time doing so. We hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for listening!

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 01 hr 03 min 34 sec
- Official website for Mark of the Ninja
- Nels Anderson's website
- "The Long Road From Ninja to Mark of the Ninja," by Patrick Klepek, via Giant Bomb
- "The Stealth Letters," via Rock Paper Shotgun
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. Right now, you guys are so in tune with me, I can't listen to these casts as I'm trying to avoid anything more on Papa and yo, mark of the ninja, dishonoured and walking dead games....

  2. Don't worry, we'll have to make it up to you by doing three podcasts in a row about obscure 16-bit era JRPGs. :P

    But seriously, 2012 has been an awesome year for games!

  3. I think it's been an insane year for games, for the past several years really, I mean, when was the last non super awesome year?