Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scott Tries to Load a Gun in 'Receiver'

Hey folks! I thought I'd give everyone a visual representation of Receiver, a game we discussed on last week's podcast. It's a game where remembering whether you fired five or six shots can mean the difference between life and death. It's also hilarious to fumble around with ammo clips and live in fear of what appear to be glorified Roombas. On a broader scale, this was a way for Jorge and me to start testing out streaming and video features for the site. The quality is a little rough since I'm using all-free options, but look for these types of things to get smoother as we ramp up. Enjoy!


  1. Enjoyed the video. Now I understand the appeal of the PS4 "Share" button.

  2. Thanks for watching, Colin (despite the sketchy audio/visual quality)!

    The share button is by far my most anticipated PS4 feature.