Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trying to Get Gunpoint

This week, Jorge and I talk through my hesitation around Gunpoint. The video is a little choppy, so feel free to treat it like an extra podcast.

Much of the conversation hinged around how seemingly basic things that can distract from a game's strong points. In this case, it's the visual perspective. Simply put, it's the perspective: I find the game zoomed out to the point where trying to figure out what the objects are and what they will do is a chore. Maybe it's just me being slow, or maybe Gunpoint has steep learning curve, but I want to like this game. Like Jorge says, it's well written, the soundtrack is excellent, and it's extremely satisfying to see a well-laid plan come to fruition.

I'm interested in hearing whether anyone else has gotten over the hump with this game or any other game. What changed about your approach or the game itself?

1 comment:

  1. What is this, a game for ants? Seriously, though, I agree that the visual perspective can take some getting used to, but this game is still pretty neat. A quick technical note on the video: the game's music is too loud at times and drowns out your voices (especially Jorge's), so I'd suggest lowering it, or using a "ducking" feature that lowers it when you're talking.

    More "Let's Play" videos like this are very welcome!