Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Super Smash Bros. Melee at EVO 2013

This past weekend, Jorge and I came to the harsh realization that our Super Smash Bros. Melee skills were downright pathetic compared to the pros at EVO 2013. We found watching that tournament finals fascinating to watch, so we fired up our mics and did some meta commentary on the matches.


  1. I was at EVO this weekend and competed (as it were) in the Melee tournament. Lots of fun, high level Melee players are ridiculous.

  2. You competed? Was it daunting? Who did you play as? Tell me more!

  3. I played in Melee and Street Fighter.

    I hadn't touched Melee in years but used to play a lot, so I spent a little time practicing. I played Falco at first and won my first match, then switched to Jigglypuff when I started getting bodied by good players. I still lost but it was fun.

    Definitely daunting. The thing about Melee is the games last much longer than a traditional fighting game round of 60-99 seconds. Tournament rules were 4-stock, 8-minute time limit. Games rarely last the full 8 minutes but they definitely last longer than 99 seconds.

    So, as the match progressed, nerves caught up with me. It's surprisingly tough to stay focused on a fighting game for that long. It made me realize why games like Street Fighter stick to 99 seconds or less.