Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 Game of the Year Honorable Mentions

This week at PopMatters, I keep the spirit of the season going with some 2013 GoTY honorable mentions.

Jorge and I have a pretty strict three game policy when it comes to our official top games of the year, so this is a way of highlighting some of those games that didn't make the podcast.  Some, like Super Mario 3D World, I just came to at the very end of the year.  Suprise: I think that game is great.  Actual surprise: it may have even broken through Jorge's icy heart and slightly renewed his faith in multiplayer Mario.  How much better can a game be?

I also included Spelunky on the list.  Technically it's from 2012 and even more technically, the free version is much earlier than that.  But I still played dozens of games and spent hours watching others try their hand at the brilliant daily challenges.

It gets added to the constantly expanding list of games that I consider to be my "favorite."  Now that I think about it, that's a weird concept.  I'll certainly be playing Spelunky much longer than I'll be playing any of the other games on this year's list or any other year's for that matter.  Can a game continue to be a favorite if it's never played again?  For pure lasting power, does the fact that I try to play Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball as often as I can make it due for a spot in some year's list of honorable mentions?

Probably best not to think about it too deeply.  That's brain power I could be using to get better at one of my other picks, Dota 2.

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