Wednesday, November 12, 2014

EXP Podcast #302: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Debrief

Frank Underwood has come a long way.
The yearly barometer for shooters and the games industry at large is out! Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare just hit store shelves we are heeding our own call of duty by reviewing and discussing the latest in the multi-million dollar franchise.

How advanced is it? Will we ever defeat Robo-Putin? What is the most user-friendly design of a grenade? All this and more in this week's episode!

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Show Notes:

- Runtime: 49 mins 50 secs
- Music by Brad Sucks


  1. What an interesting podcast from both of you. Thanks for pointing out some minor problems that occurred in the game.

    First is the problem of the indicator. Yes, I also found that the grenade and ammo indicator is quite unfriendly. Unlike the previous Call of Duty (COD) titles, the player can have a clear view on their ammo and grenade count but in Advanced Warfare, they are showed on the gun in hollow-gram mode which sometimes it bothers me a lot to take clear look of what I have left. Maybe they want to make the design looks more futuristic in a more "advanced" way. I believe they can stick with the old ones but with futuristic symbols or fonts.

    Second, Yes! Enemy spawning is a pain in my ass. As a fan of Call of Duty, I found that the enemy spawn didn't design as good as before. Sometimes the enemies spawn behind me after I am absolutely sure that I have cleared the area. I am not sure whether it is a bug because i have replayed that certain part few times with same settings and difficulty, but sometimes it changes and sometimes doesn't. I hope they can improve it in their next game because I found it annoying but overall is good. The Artificial Intelligence is better than before and more challenging to defeat.

    Third, it is tough to use the right grenade. The cycling of grenade is quite inconvenient. I flashed myself a lot while playing the campaign missions but all I want to do is use the threat grenade. For your information, the only grenade that you can cook is frag grenade because I cycled to a wrong grenade and ended up blowing up myself. Smart and contact grenades don't blow up as long as you are holding down the grenade button.

    Forth, the graphics of Advanced Warfare is a huge leap in COD history. The magnificent facial capture is extremely astonishing. i enjoy a lot while watching the cutscenes especially the acting skill of the actors, wonderful face expressions. Speaking of the game mechanics, I found the exo-suit an ok, it is not great as i expected but hey, it is a new thing in COD. Even in mutiplayer, I also seldom use the exo-suit abilities.

    Last, the most memorable moment in Advanced Warfare is the Juggernaut mission. Bullet spamming and bombastic epicness has been one of my reason of playing COD. it did release some of stress. It would be cool to see them add bonus challenges or missions which you kick ass as a Juggernaut. Overall, Advanced Warfare is a cool game but in the end the story is still not attractive anyway.

  2. It is a excellent podcast for me. Thank you for sharing opinion about the Call of Duty AW. Yeah, it is time to grab my game boy for “advance warfare”!

    Firstly, it really not advance enough, the titan Fall and Halo are more advance compare with COD. Yes, I played Titan fall and Halo before, Call of Duty Advance Warfare is not a revelation to me.

    Secondly, the story of the game is really don’t have a attractive story. I am agree your opinion, it is really no need to worry about the story line of Call Of duty Advance Warfare. I am really agree your opinion, the story campaign of the game is very bad, call of duty become so linear. It is so narrow , I cannot go anywhere I want in the game~Because of that, I also clumsy in the story campaign, it is no logical where they come from!

    Some new equipment are added in the games like EXO suit, flying pack, super arm, grab rope, sheild equipment, overdrive ability and sonic ability. Like what you said,we can learn a lot from previous series of Call of Duty, but in call of duty advance warfare, I cannot learn something new in real life, because equipment are all fiction.

    Same for me, the rule no clear. I did not know which is the amount of bomb and which is bullet display in the weapon. For the grenade, I just randomly throw grenade only depend on my luck.

    And the battery of overdrive and sonic ability!? No people did not tell me how to recharge battery in the game!! I just know when I game over, the battery will recharge back..

    But the cut scene of the game is very good, like the scene we get up a boat to escape. What a nice facial expression of the characters.

    Next is about the control system of the game. Yes, double press jump button for jump higher did not very effective in single player mode, there is no place to jump...But the side step is a awesome movement, useful in Multi player mode. This system really give me a different experience. But , the drone in the game so over power. I also think “Is the gun from the heaven!!” like you.

    Lastly, the system for me that make this game very good is the role playing experience from Multi player. We able to customize our character. It make the game become very special.