Wednesday, December 4, 2019

EXP Podcast #550: A Decade of Characters

Ah, simpler problems from a simpler decade.
As we continue our headlong sprint towards the decade's end, we pause to recognize some of the memorable characters of the past 10 years.  Using Polygon's list as a starting point, we discuss some standout examples and take stock of where games are in terms of character development.  After all, this might be the last decade where we can safely treat these things as fictional characters rather than sneaky AIs waiting for us to drop our guard long enough for them to launch their conquest of humanity.  You hear that, Shovel Knight?  I'm on to you.

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 - Runtime: 44 min 01 sec
- "The 70 best video game characters of the decade," by Polygon Staff, via Polygon
 - Music by Brad Sucks

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