Wednesday, March 4, 2020

EXP Podcast #562: Gradeschool Pokémaster

Can't wait to sign my child up.
I often worry about the next generation and the world they're inheriting, but then I realize that they don't need my concern: they have Pokémon to protect them!  This week, we talk about a few recent news stories: Riot is getting into the tactical shooter business, Twitch is weird, and the children are Pokémon savants.  We live in strange times.

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- Runtime: 36 min 08 sec
- "Riot's Next Game Is Valorant, A First-Person Shooter," by Luke Plunkett, via Kotaku
- "Twitch's Most-Watched Clips Have Almost Nothing To Do With Games," by Jay Castello, via Kotaku
- "7-Year-Old Simone Lim Wins At The Pokemon's Oceania Championships," by Jenny Zheng, via GameSpot
- Music by Brad Sucks

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