Wednesday, June 24, 2020

EXP Podcast #578: Mixer Migration, Sonic Swansong

A legendary meme lord rides off into the sunset.
It's a news-y sort of week around here, so let's dive right in.  Don't look for this podcast on Mixer: we've already made the jump to hyperspace and are on our way to reclaim our Guinness World Record for podcasting and share one last chili dog with our favorite influencer.

- Here's the show's stand-alone feed
- Listen to the podcast in your browser by clicking here, right-click and select "save as link" to download the show in MP3 format, or click play below.

 Show Notes:

- "Microsoft will shut down Mixer, transition users to Facebook Gaming," by Charlie Hall, via Polygon
- "The 4 biggest announcements and trailers from EA’s Play Live event," by Ben Kuchera, via Polygon
- "Guinness rolls over, says Billy Mitchell is still Donkey Kong and Pac-Man king," by Charlie Hall, via Polygon
- "The voice of Sonic the Hedgehog on Twitter is stepping down," by Charlie Hall, via Polygon
- Runtime: 35min 25 sec
- Music by Brad Sucks

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