Thursday, February 9, 2023

EXP Podcast #693: Cringing at the Camera

Contemplating the next zinger.
I've long since abandoned trying to be cool, which is hopefully a good defense mechanism against being "cringe."  But Marvel, Star Wars, and now Forspoken seem to have something to prove when it comes to how their characters approach the worlds in which they live.  People pick up on this and often labeling it as cringey dialog; hackneyed tries at being witty or sarcastic.  But what's really behind our negative reactions to these try-hards?  This week we use an article by Austin Walker to explore whether the audience-facing winks we see so often are actually a defense mechanism; one that lets writers try to mock their own work before anyone else can beat them to it.

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Show Notes:

- Run time: 37 min 40 sec
- Music by Brad Sucks

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