Wednesday, May 25, 2011

EXP IndieCast #3: Ludum Dare and don't take it personally...

It's time once again to look at some of the independent games we've been playing over the last month! This week, we discuss a few games created for the Ludum Dare game jam event as well as Christine Love's newest work, don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story. Both topics encompass a huge amount of material, so we highly recommend you visit the websites listed in the show notes to explore all the intriguing games. Weather you're into sword showers, scurvy, or social scandals, this episode has something for you!

Some discussion starters:

- Which Ludum Dare games did you enjoy?
- How can games effectively model emotional and social systems?
- What benefits does a highly-structured game like don't take it personally... have over more player-structured games?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 31 min 50 sec
- Ludum Dare, The Rapid Game Creation Community
- The Legend of Mulida
- Grave Robbers
- The Wager
- don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story, by Christine Love
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. I just finished don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story and I really liked the game, thank you for talking about it.

    after I finished the game I was think about how I may have never played this game if not for this site. And I just wanted to know how you guys find out about some of these games?

  2. I think I enjoyed Christine Love's earlier "Digital: a Love Story" more - which had the strong story, but also some really interesting Uplink-style hacking gameplay - but DTIP was interesting and worth experiencing. If really creepy with Arianna.

    (It's not set 30 years in the future, though... only half that!)

  3. you guys should check out openclonk (not sure how to add links in but that is the website). it's still in alpha but it really fun

  4. Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked the game and thanks for the recommendation. As far as finding out about games, Play This Thing is great site, as is IndieGames.

    Hey Jeremy,

    After playing this game, I'm really interested in playing Digital. I've heard other people echo your comments.

    Good catch on the time period! Maybe I was in denial regarding our impending post-privacy society? :-)

  5. Just finished Don't Take it Personally. Really dug it. I've been working my way through the other titles that were mentioned in this show, but this one stood out to me.

    Normally I lurk, but I wanted to throw one more "thanks for talking about this" out there. I'm enjoying the IndieCasts.

  6. @clevermonkey

    Thanks! We love the lurkers just as much.

  7. You guys knocked it out of the park again. I'm playing "Don't Take It Personally" as we speak. We used the underlying engine for a project at Cologne Game Lab recently. It called Ren'Py and it's incredibly easy to use. A great tool for experimenting with interactive fiction.