Wednesday, January 23, 2013

EXP Podcast #208: Confronting the Next Console Cycle

Piston's X3i, a potential Steam Box?
Scott and I have had "insider conversations" with one Mr. Businessman, which ultimately proved fruitless. Instead, we have our own conversation about the upcoming console cycle. Where is all the hype for the next release? Is there anything we should be excited for? Let us know what you think the future holds in the comments below.

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 30 mins 59 secs
- Music by Brad Sucks


  1. Incidentally, Sony's Planetside 2 contains built-in support for Twitch.TV streaming and automatic uploading of videos to YouTube.

    I'm somewhat surprised that they didn't integrate Facebook games' social hooks as well; "Your friend XX is currently fighting the evil YY. Click here to join them in battle!"

  2. The social madness begins! This is the exact type of thing I bet we'll see baked in at the OS level the next time around.