Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What is This: Jolly Rover

So when browsing our Steam library, Scott and I realized we each own a slew of weird games we have no recollection of buying. This week, we try out a strange new segment, "What is This?", in which we play these games with absolutely no foreknowledge of their contents. Join us on our first "ruff" encounter with Jolly Rover.

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  1. Wow, burn on Jolly Rover! I actually really enjoyed this game when I played through it three years ago. As far as it being a "kid's game", it's no more a kid's game in theme and mechanics than The Secret of Monkey Island, with the exception that the puzzles are slightly less obtuse and there is a relatively robust in-game hint system (well, that and all the fact that everyone's a dog (in case you didn't notice)).

    I'm not a big adventure game fan, but I found this game had some nice touches that you guys pointed out; all the dialogue is voice-acted, any object that has new or unseen interactions is highlighted in blue, and the granular hint system keeps you from having to open up a web browser to figure out how the hell you're supposed to grind peppercorns.

    Even if your initial impressions might not be spot-on, I think it was a fetching look at the game, and I'm glad you decided to throw it a bone. Now I'm going to...play dead? Sorry, I ran out of puns there.