Wednesday, December 18, 2013

EXP Podcast #255: 2013 Not Quite Games of the Year

Maybe next year, Aliens.
Last week we talked about our favorite games of 2013. While these were our favorite experiences of the year, they were not necessarily the games that took up most of our time and attention. Sometimes rough edges and flawed experiments make for the most thought-provoking discussion, so we decided to dedicate an entire episode that didn’t quite make it on our final list for 2013. We cover everything from anti-heroes, to indie darlings, to esports, all of which kept our minds occupied throughout the year. As always, feel free to jump in with your comments on what made the biggest impression on you in 2013.

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 38 min 11 sec
- "On Videogame Reviews," by Tevis Thompson, via
- Music by: Brad Sucks


  1. Still not sold on the Last of Us story... don't think they set up the critical choice at the end well at all. There's nothing there where they try (or explain that they have tried) options that DON'T involve just killing the child. It's just "well, thanks, we'll just have to kill her now". Joel doesn't even question it - "why?" and then "have you tried...?" It robs the final choice of meaning because it seems so arbitrary.

    Also having to murder the doctors, HAVING to, even when they're no threat, having to murder doctors in a world with hardly any doctors - that really should have been a choice.

  2. Since I am more of a 'casual-serious' gamer, I don't really keep up on current games, so I can't really do a 'best of 2013' because in 2013, I played a bunch of games from different years. But I still play them and like to talk about them.

    Way into the Non-game, game thing in 2013. Proteus, Dear Esther, To the Moon, All set to play The Stanley Parable and Gone Home.

    It seems that the low-production gaming scene has much-much more of these non-games, like LIM, or Today I Die, and any number of unheard of indie games. But one thing that sets the above games apart is a much higher-production value and promotion.


  3. Interesting points. I seem to remember some audiolog or written note about the parasite being entwined with the brain stem, but I agree that the jump to "a cure means her death is fast."

    Another thing to note is that you actually can leae some of the doctors alive (I think you have to kill the one that pulls the knife). This actually makes the final sequence more irritating to me as it calls to attention the battle between scripted events and player choices that hurt the game. Why not let you simply knock out the first doctor?

  4. Greetings, Steve and Jorge. Thanks for your podcast on 2013 Not Quiet Game of the Year.
    Well, you guys are right. I gotta agree with you guys on most of the game mentioned.
    1st of all, I think that GOTY must have certain pre-requisite or requirement in order for it to be the Top best game to play.
    Of course, when talking about GOTY, the Pros and Cons will be the 2 important things that determine how good is a good game.
    The Pros consisted must be more than the Cons to make in the list.
    So, the most potential GOTY have to be The Last of Us.
    The game has some interesting and creative elements inside, it stands out sharply among the same genre.
    The Last of Us seamlessly intertwines satisfying, choice-based gameplay with a stellar narrative.
    In fact, the story is so dramatic, not many game has good storyline.
    An adult and a child has to survive in hopeless, post-apocalyptic situation with nothing but absolute despair surrounding them.
    There is a huge constrast of relationship between Joel and Ellie as they strive to survive in all the close encounters.
    Thus, it makes the game much more exciting and breathtaking as teamworks is the key to survive.
    Voice acting is not only consistently superb, but the game’s graphical beauty makes the events more realistic.
    The bad thing is the act of play is not actually all that fun go through all the progress point.
    A lot of problems surfaced after playing for a long time.
    Then, lets talk about the Bioshock infinite.You guys stated that although the game has some cool concepts, but it also has some flaws.
    Nevertheless, it is still a great game.
    Well, the thought is same in me. The main reason is Bioshock infinite has good looking characters that players want to discover more about their life and history.
    Some of the narrative designs and directions amazes me.
    There was some moments when they was doing this great thing, and then they was doing that uncomfortable and dangerous thing which makes the gameplay more fun.
    Another game that scores almost the same as The Last of Us is Swapper.
    Heck, after i found some informations and watch some youtube gameplay, i admit that the game deserve to become one of the potential to be GOTY.
    Unique visuals and clever puzzle design contibutes to the awesomeness of the game.