Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spelunky Daily Challenge - 2014-02-03: International Relations

Sign up for a spelunking adventure and we'll throw in a tutorial on international relations, California water politics, and lizard men.


  1. You do know that spanish comes from Spain, french from France etc.? The only error on that language choice screen is that the US flag is shown - that should have been the UK flag only. But of course you are right, using the flags may seem less nice to the poor countries that don't even have their own language :-)

    Just a thought from one of the "communists" you are referring to ;-)

  2. True, though the history of language is a messy thing, to say nothing of ownership of those said languages. I say down w/ flags, up with the text of the language!

  3. But doesn't the name of the language have almost the same problem as the flag? I mean, spanish is, by the sound of it, clearly from Spain - so if I live in Argentina I will still be selecting "Spain" in some way.