Wednesday, June 11, 2014

EXP Podcast #280: Portable Power

The 80s were strange...
Twenty-five years ago, Nintendo gifted upon us mere mortals the Game Boy, defining handheld gaming for years to come. Today on the EXP Podcast, Scott and I go into our histories with the portable device, what we've been playing now, and what has us most excited for the future. As always, we're curious to know your thoughts on the handheld. What's your collection like and what games should we play?

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 32 mins 05 secs
- “A Jaded Gamer: Searching for Wonder in Games,” by Bryan Rumsey, via Gamer Jockies


  1. The 3DS is pretty much my JRPG machine, and while some people may not enjoy that, I think it's amazing. A couple games you may want to check out, Jorge, are Tales of the Abyss (if you're a fan of the Tales series) and Fire Emblem. I have to work on getting street passes so I can rebuild my city in Bravely Default. My one poor guy has been working on one pathway for 30 hours straight, that must be against some laws.

  2. The GBA micro is actually a nifty little machine, and until Nintendo authorises a version of Advance Wars 2 for my phone, I'll probably still have it around...

    I think the 2DS is mainly aimed at kids - a cheaper version where parents didn't need to worry the 3D is hurting their kids' eyes. Only people I know with a 2DS are friends' kids.

  3. hi guys,
    some addition there: with the vita is actually getting minecraft (that and the remote play thing shoud be really interesting for kids).
    i'm acually posting with a vita right now. i'm in the train and use it on my daily way to work. and i'listening to your podcast on it. i love multi task abilities of it. i just finished xeogears and am now playing dragons crown, which looks beautiful on tht screen.
    also: no matter if you have a vita, or not, if you have ps plus, buy the free vita games. you can later download it and have an awesome game collection from the start, if you ever vet a vita for some reason (or a backwards compatible successor).

  4. CycloneFox, providing even more reasons to get a Vita. At this point it's just an inevitability. Probably this fall.

  5. I've set aside Bravely Default for now, but yea, I hear great things about Fire Emblem. I'll dive into that soon I'm sure.

  6. Generational warfare starts now: those kids have secret machines that I've literally never seen with my own two eyes. What could they be plotting?