Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is This: Vessel

This week: Scott embraces better living through hydrodynamics, Jorge contemplates the ramifications of an incontinent society, and Vessel reaffirms the magic of magnets.


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  1. I'm glad you guys enjoyed this one (for a change)! I'm surprised at how frequently you guys pick games that I'm actually quite well apprised of, considering that I don't think of myself as quite as knowledgeable about indie games as you two.

    Vessel stands out in my mind as having puzzles that seemed perfectly balanced to my own capabilities; there were *many* puzzles that brought me just to the edge of frustration before I had an "aha!" moment. Only a few made me look up a solution online, and in most cases it was simply finicky physics that got the best of me. I found it to be a very good puzzler, but a very sloppy platformer. It also has quite a few puzzles where one mis-step makes you go back to square one and set up the dominoes all over again.

    Slight spoilers (in case you want to continue playing): over the course of the game you do indeed get a water gun, and before long you start dealing with different types of liquids as well as Fluros that exhibit different behaviors (the basic one has a button fetish, another will run away from light sources, etc).