Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EXP Podcast #326: MK & MK Debrief

Putting the Kart before the hearse.
Nothing says "hardcore" like replacing a C with a K. This week on the EXP Podcast, Scott and I dive into an MK/MK extravaganza! First we try our hands at NetherRealm's Mortal Kombat X, and soon discover our hands are covered in blood and guts. Next we speed through Mario Kart at a blistering 200ccs and measure how well the game holds up in its latest batch of DLC. Kart or Kombat fan? Hop into the comments or shoot us an email and let us know!

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Show Notes:

- Runtime: 34 mins  24 secs
- Music by Brad Sucks

1 comment:

  1. For the Mortal Kombat, I agree that the game is just too bloody compared to other fighting game but nowdays graphic are so cool, adding bloody effect will attract more people to play the game because of curious how bloody is the final move. After try it, player will keep on trying others character final move and cause them addicted to the game. So, it is not a bad game after all because got ppl play it! And player can also show off by using final move on other players. About the control of the game. Ya the game is quite hard to play and everything talk about skill. If you have a great skill, you win the game. Some character like Jason, if you have great skill in using him, half of the rival HP gone because the combo can reach about 16. But, becoz of the combo nid to press so many button and some skill may use some movement that may let the character move forward and get punch by rival (newbie). But, for what I see, I can see people just put a cloth on the controller and then keep slide like crazy (include me). So, for me, that is not skill but just spamming. Who get a effective move in spamming, who will win the game thats all. About the stamina bar, I think it is because the GM may nid to put some realistic issue to it but failed. The distance between the rival is close and one skill may used up half of the stamina bar. Not logic! About the throwing object in the game, one object is just enough because think in logic, if you saw someone being throw by muscle guy, will you go near and let them throw you? Even you you saw them using a crate throw people, will you go and refill the crate for them?LOL!

    For the Mario Kart, racing game, for me no matter how fast the car, as long as the player fully remember that track and got some skill. IT will be high possibility to win the game. Remember the track is the main point in win this game and also some luck (sometimes u may get hit just before you reach the finish line and the man from behind may keep up. The drifting and the speed are nothing to talk about because for who have play crash bandicoot racing in PS1, they may no drifting and speed is the essential in the game.