Wednesday, September 28, 2011

EXP Podcast #142: A New Hope in The Old Republic?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....Jorge and I recorded a podcast about Star Wars. Inspired by the recent announcement that the Bioware-developed MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic would indeed be released this year, we discuss our expectations and the nature of Star Wars video games in general. We've flown from one end of this galaxy to the other, and we've seen a lot of strange stuff, but finding a great Star Wars game is rare and precious thing. Many Bothans died to bring us this podcast, so make it worth their sacrifice by sharing your thoughts in the comments!

Discussion starters:

- Will Star Wars: The Old Republic become more fun than you can possibly imagine, or will it cause a great disturbance in the Force?
- What are your favorite Star Wars video games and what elements of the universe do the depict?
- Which lesser known characters or themes would you like to see in a Star Wars game?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 39 min 32 sec
- "Star Wars: The Old Republic Launching Dec. 20, starts at $15 per month," via Joystiq
- Wikipedia's list of Star Wars games
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. I haven't really enjoyed a Star Wars game since the old Xwing series (I both want them to remake those and fear them remaking those) and the first Jedi Knight. Although Rebellion (the MOO-style one) was strangely addictive.

    I missed KOTR at the time and find it difficult to go back to and enjoy post Mass Effect.

  2. @ Jeremy

    KOTOR was excellent Jeremy, but you raise a good point. It's kind of hard to go back to sci-fi shooters of yester-year, particular one by Bioware, when we already have Mass Effect, what I consider to be a rousing success.

    With that in mind, it may actually be bad form to play any Star Wars game that doesn't break from the norm in some dramatic way. Games have a ton of sci-fi, many of them pretty good, what can Star Wars offer us we don't already have elsewhere? I have serious doubts any Star Wars endeavor could take the risks to plumb the expanded universes untapped riches.

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  4. As a connoisseur of the Star Wars games I feel obliged to clarify the current assortment of the Lego Star Wars games. There are three.

    1) Lego Star Wars: The Video Game - Based on the Prequels
    2) Lego Star Wars II: The Original Saga - Based on the original Trilogy
    3) Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars - Based on the cartoon series.

    Additionally (and I presume that's where the confusion is coming from) there is a "Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga". However this is basically a compilation of the first two ones.

    Also, you guys made me actually curious for the MMO. Curses!

  5. Krystian,

    Your encyclopedic knowledge of Lego Star Wars is both impressive and disturbing... ;-)