Thursday, October 18, 2012

Relearning Patience

Image from Stephen Andrew
This week at PopMatters, I wrote about patience.

These days, when free time is at a premium, I find myself looking to maximize my free time. This is pretty much the best way to ensure I don't actually enjoy said free time. When I'm worried about making every minute count, I inadvertently miss out on the best parts of many of the games I play. And when you're playing a game like Dishonored, patience isn't so much a virtue as it is a necessity.

On a broader scale, the merits mellowing out are especially useful to remember during the fall release season. We're entering the time of year when it feels like a "must-play" game is dropping every other week. It's tempting to burn through them as fast as possible, but ultimately it's not really fair to me or the game. As Michael Abbott said way back in 2008 (geez, time flies!), it's important to "chew your food."

As I say in the column, I've gotten more patient in most other aspects of life. But, despite being able to keep a cool head in a traffic jam, in-game patience is a continual process.

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