Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EXP Podcast #226: Cracking Open the Cube

Curiosity screen via IGN
We have opened the cube and holy cow, Peter Molyneux was inside the whole time! But what else is inside the controversial designer's bizarre experiment? And what does cube's contents mean for the young grand-prize winner, the future players of Godus, and the games industry as a whole? Join us this week on the podcast as Scott and I search for crumbs inside the box that might give us a taste of what's to come!

Now that you Curiosity is over (well, sort of), let us know what you thought of the bizarre "game-like" thing in comments! Are you a cynic or a cubist?

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 32 mins 17 secs
- Music by: Brad Sucks

1 comment:

  1. After reading the Wired follow-up and comparing it to the prototype footage, I'm thoroughly confused. It looks like a one-on-one Populous-style game. Isn't everyone a god? What would an overlord do, watch over everyone's game? How would you "overthrow" him? It doesn't look like the game world is persistent or shared among all players; how much influence could he have? And what would have happened if Godus hadn't been funded? So many questions left unanswered.

    I was sort of right when I guessed it would be a job at 22Cans, but really, the prize at the center was... more Molyneux promises! Which is kind of perfect.