Thursday, July 2, 2015

League of Legends: Holiday ARAM with Urgot

This week I take a quick break from PopMatters to play some ARAM with everyone's favorite... uh... spinning-jabba-the-death-spike-guy.

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  1. Hello there . I am a dota 2 player . I have heard League of Legend(LOL) before but i never play with it . This is the first time I see the video clip about the LOL . Hmmm ... This game seem nice but maybe I am a bit stupid so I have a little question about this game . Is the game you playing is a special map for LOL or this game is just 5 heroes gather in a lane for pushing and killing ? From the video clip , this game seem like harder to control the hero that the player playing compare to dota2 ? The skill using by the heroes all seem like have to click a direction and have to guess where the enemy is going or else you will miss the damage deal to it ? I have read the novel talking about the LOL . It said that LOL is a teamwork game , you can't owning the game alone . Compare to the dota 2 , if there is a God player , the game usually can be owning by the player whom we said he is 1 v 5 . Isn't right ? By the way , dota 2 is more famous in my country . Almost every teenagers played with dota 2 but i seldom see the people playing with the LOL . If I have the chance to recognize someone else who playing with LOL , I must ask him to teach me how to play with it . Thanks for the video . It gives me to know more about the LOL .