Thursday, December 17, 2015

Love-Hating Fallout 4

Dogmeat is sick of this shit too.
I'm in love-hate with Fallout 4.

It's actually really difficult to settle on how I feel about the game as a whole. When asked by my coworkers if I'm liking the game, I mostly respond with, "sometimes," which usually receives a knowing nod of the head.

I'm clearly not the only one annoyed by small petty inconsistencies in the otherwise alluring game. Scott agreed with me earlier this week in our 2015 Gamey Awards in which we gave Fallout 4 both the Unjustified Rage award and Gamiest Game of the Year award. It's our own fake award show, but still.

The loud generators have pestered other players enough to have their very own Quieter Generator Sound mod. I'm not crazy, it really is annoying. There is also a mod for changing color gradients of your pip boy, another for labeling your settlement occupants for easy job management, and even one for stopping the player character from interrupting NPC conversations (Seriously, it's rude and weird). All of this is to say the world Bethesda created is fascinating, but it lives upon a shambling, cobbled-together mess of a game. At least modders care enough to fix it.

For me though, currently playing on PS4, these fractures in Fallout 4 make it hard to love.

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