Thursday, June 2, 2016

Playing the Pacifist in Dark Souls III

Wow. I look good.
My latest PopMatters article is live, and it's all about playing the Dark Souls III peacemaker.

I actually completely forgot to promote Dark Souls III article here nearly a month back when I wrote about the social elements of the game. In that piece I praise the act of invasion in Dark Souls as though it were a form of acting. I, the invader, play the villain. From that perspective, even if I die, I played my part.

It's funny that my latest playthrough is non-violent, but still fulfills the same role. When summoned into someone else's world to help with a boss or an invader, and I simply take hits with a massive shield, I like to think I make an impression. It's a strange thing to see in a game so filled with gloom.

I think this is partially why From is willing to go so dark with Dark Souls. When the story and setting are melancholy and dire, every time someone joins your game dressed as Smough, an Abyss Watcher, or as a pacifist cleric, levity breaks up the tone.  For a moment, Lothric becomes a bit more friendly, and hopefully, you're given the courage to soldier on.

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