Wednesday, February 5, 2020

EXP Podcast #558: Frame that Game

Smithsonian edition
How do show appreciation for your favorite games from years past?  Well, if you're Jorge and me, you dedicate dozens of hours talking about them on the Internet (shout out to my boy, Crono).  But what if you want to make a grander gesture?  Whether it is hoarding cartridges, dumping ROMs, or nailing stuff to the wall, there's a variety of ways to preserve the games you love.  This week, we use Andrew Liszewski's article to talk about how we honor great games, ideally without running afoul of copyright law or losing our security deposits.

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 - Runtime: 35 min 39 sec
 - "You Should Hoard Physical Copies of the Video Games You Love," by Andrew Liszewski, via Gizmodo
- Music by Brad Sucks

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