Wednesday, September 16, 2020

EXP Podcast #590: Spiritfarer and The Last Campfire First Impressions

On this river, do you catch fishstyx?
Look, let's be real: Jorge and I recorded this before Spelunky 2 came out because we knew we'd be doing nothing but playing Spelunky 2 by this point in the week.  Furthermore, I'm highly confident that you, dear listener, are playing Spelunky 2 as well.  In fact, at this point I just assume that everyone is playing it, so the best I can hope is that this show serves as a nice Spelunky 2 soundtrack.  List closely though: if you need a Spelunky 2 break, we give some positive recommendations on Spiritfarer and The Last Campfire.  Both games are quite charming and might be a good break from the adorable chaos in which we are all relishing.

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Show Notes:

- Runtime: 34 min 37 sec
- Music by Brad Sucks

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