Wednesday, March 30, 2011

EXP Podcast #123: First in Line

When everyone else is nestled snugly in bed, the most die-hard fans are battling the elements, sleep deprivation, and mall security in hopes of being the first to procure a new console or game. This week, the tale of a man named Isaiah-Triforce Johnson came to our attention. After waiting in line for a week, he was one of the first Americans to buy a Nintendo 3DS. His quest got us thinking about the strange rituals surrounding console launches and game releases. It's a surprisingly broad topic, and we cover everything from the "first!" impulse to frostbite. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts, as well as any of your release night stories in the comments!

Some discussion starters:

- Have you ever stood in line for the release of a console or game? What was your motivation?
- Why is it important to play something immediately upon release? Is it even important?
- Should developers incorporate release day bonuses into games?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 33 min 36 sec
- "Waiting for Nintendot: One Man's Quest to Buy First 3DS," by Jason Schreier, via Wired
- "Queer Characters: BioShock," by VorpalBunny, a.k.a. Denis Farr, via GayGamer
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. A couple of years ago when the "next-gen" consoles were being released I stood in line for both the 360 and Wii. I can't quite remember why I chose to do this at Best Buy, twice I might add, but their policy is that they don't start selling the consoles until the morning. This meant that all the early adopters had to bare the November wind.
    I remember that this didn't even feel like a setback because the thought of having that console before anyone else was so enticing that I couldn't resist. Not for bragging rights, but whenever there is a new console being released that I want, I can't help but feel like I'm somehow falling behind.
    In hindsight I can't believe I ever waited for that amount of time just to have a console a few days or weeks earlier. If there was some kind of incentive given to the early adopters, like a free warranty extension or maybe a free game, I would consider doing it again, but as it stands there are way too many setbacks, (ie buggy software, generally bad launch lineup, having to sit in the cold next to tired nerds, ect) to merit buying a console at launch.

  2. This guy has no life, its a kids game , grow up, meet some girls

  3. I,m old , I build custom sticks and this guy has more heart then ten of you....Its called committed ,something that these gamers got more of then you give credit for....If you cant put a name on it , then maybe it shouldnt be said.... Yea I,m old man foehammer

  4. I have no doubt that this people have heart and are very much committed. But my question is what are they committed to? To me it seems to be just brand loyalty... is there something more then that?

    I never waited for a launch of console or game so I don't really know. My guess is that maybe it has something to do with being part of the zeitgeist.