Wednesday, May 19, 2010

EXP Podcast #78: Finishing the Fight with Halo 3

As you may remember, Jorge and I are playing through the Halo series and making podcasts along the way. Released in 2007, Halo 3 was one of the biggest gaming events of the decade and I was quite excited to see how the game has aged. Having wrapped up the Master Chief trilogy, we spend the podcast discussing Halo's plot and extended universe, the game's influential design choices, and what the future holds for the franchise as well as Bungie. Halo's structure facilitates unique experiences for everyone who plays it, so feel free to jump in with your thoughts in the comments.

Some discussion starters:

- Halo 3 seemed to emphasize its story more than the first two installments. How significantly does the in-game narrative, as well as the surrounding universe and marketing campaign, impact your enjoyment of the game?

- While Halo's combat has always had a distinct feel, each game has introduced subtle tweaks. Of the original trilogy, which game did you enjoy the most?

- After Halo 3, were you still interested in continuing the franchise? What are your thoughts on Bungie distancing themselves from the franchise and the rumors of their ambitious new project?

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Show notes:

- Run time: 34 min 26 sec
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. Talking of going in circles: The first book was based on the first game(set before Combat Evolved), now Bungie's last Halo game will be somehow based on the first book. Nice!

    Here's the thing with the books though, I haven't read any of them, however I think about reading the first one (Fall of Reach) before playing Halo Reach.
    Now I wonder, would this actually grant me more insight in the storyline or would I be pissed off even more when playing the game and seeing how they failed telling a coherent narrative once again(which I'm sure they will). Hm...

    Maybe we should together go read The Fall of Reach and see what they'll come up with storywise in Halo Reach.

    Btw. I guess I'm still the only person out there who thinks that ODST might even be the best in the series, so I'm curious if one of you guys will maybe back me up ;)

  2. Hey Christian,

    I'm looking forward to ODST quite a bit because I've heard it's somewhat of a departure from the other games in terms of its storytelling. Also, it looks like the health system is similar to Halo 1. Whatever the case, I'm excited.

    In a way, I'm kind of glad I don't know too much about the Halo lore, since as you say, knowing too much can just be annoying when you see changes and inconsistencies.