Wednesday, March 5, 2014

EXP Podcast #266: Broken Age Debrief

The dual protagonists of Broken Age
Between Double Fine's first steps into the crowd sourced funding landscape and Broken Age's release this past month, Kickstarter came of age. Our expectations have soared to great heights, plummeted back down like a rock, and risen again, depending on the project. This brave new world has seen numerous indie darlings released, does Broken Age still stand out two years after it first captured our collective heart? Find out in this week's podcast! Also, let us know what you thought of the game in the comments below.

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 41 min 15 sec
- Music by: Brad Sucks


  1. You guys should really have watched the documentary! The game was great - a little bit on the easy side with regards to the puzzles, but great nonetheless because of the story, music, voice action, and artwork. But the best thing about Broken Age, for me at least, has been the possibility to follow the development of the game through the documentary. And there are no spoilers in the documentary - they have been very careful with that ;-)

  2. Thanks for the podcast, guys. I hope you do another one when episode 2 comes out. That said... you guys really should watch the documentary. Seriously. It explores a lot of the topics you discuss during every week, and in my mind it is a response to more mainstream looks at videogame development such as Indie Game - which I believe you didn't respond to favorably back when it came out. I would love to have your thoughts on it when episode 2 comes out - there should be no risk of spoilers at that point.

  3. I'm totally going to go back now; I feel kind of silly that I went on black out, but it did make the release seem like a sudden surprise.

    I wish we had the opportunity to see more of this kind of documentary focus on games.

  4. It sounds awesome, especially since it has the benefit of being focused on one game rather than trying to sum up a whole category of games. We'll definitely have another podcast when episode 2 is released!