Wednesday, March 25, 2015

EXP Podcast #321: Pixels, Snakes, and Nintendo News

Rumor has it Kojima is actually hiding in this picture
Classic arcade characters are on the rampage, Kojima has disappeared, and Nintendo has acknowledged the existence of smart phones: what the heck is happening out there?  This week, Jorge and I do a quick news roundup in an attempt to make sense of the chaos.  If we try to predict the box office, the fate of Kojima productions, and Nintendo's 5-year strategy, we have to get at least one.  I believe that's how statistics works.

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Show Notes:

- Runtime: 36 mins 16 secs


  1. Hey, haven't commented in ages, but hi!

    You asked about Japan and VR, along with FPSs. Well, while I don't look up news on Japanese websites, I don't notice it when skimming through things like the famitsu. But that's basically just a collection of ads you pay to look through. FPSs have been gaining HUGE popularity here though. CoD does very well for itself in Japan. It's still a niche, but large enough that whenever a student in my English classes writes about games, CoD and Monster Hunter are about even.

    And with adults... well adults don't like to talk about games much, but the little I have run into suggests they enjoy FPSs too. So it's certainly on the rise from last time I was here and had a chance to deal with people about games.

    Although perhaps a big part in that is that the localisations for the Japanese releases have stopped being outright terrible.

  2. Hey Rowan!

    Damn; I guess that means I'll have to add the entire nation of Japan to the list of people who can school me in FPS games. :)

    I'm really interested to see how VR takes off in Japan. I always think about it as a cyberpunk futurescape compared to America.

  3. To make poor generalizations... I think it really is all on Sony's project Morpheus for Japan.

    Japan has consistently demonstrated that without quite strong measures it is uninterested in using technology from other nations where it can avoid it (Japan does have a lot of windows machines, but I don't think anyone particularly shouts out they like windows, it's just the default). I think the Xbox One came out in Japan but my local gaming store here doesn't even bother to get stock. (oh since we last spoke I'm now in Japan to give that more context)

    Apple is like the major exception of a brand becoming popular with the common people that isn't Japanese.

    But Japan is weird when it comes to tech. Everything is advanced here other than the things that seem like you'd want them advanced. (see, schools vs convenience stores) Although there is a strong movement to get interactive whiteboards into more classrooms.