Wednesday, May 20, 2015

EXP Podcast #329: Myst, Kickstarter Money, and Ghosts

The dark tale of a parasitic bat slowly killing a lizard
Every so often Jorge and I dive into the virtual newspaper and see if video game news is still weird and scary.  Good news: it is!  This week we talk about potential game to TV crossovers, the strange swamp of well-funded nostalgia is Kickstarter, and our dearly departed P.T.  Jump into the comments with your ideal animal adventure duo.  How about a badger and a fish?

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Show Notes:

- Runtime: 36 mins 07 secs
- Music by Brad Sucks


  1. I disagree that Yooka-Laylee's success is driven mostly by nostalgia. (Full disclosure: I did back it myself, so I may be biased).

    I mean, it's cute that the character design has similarity with Banjo-Kazooie, but I am much more interested that it's a free-wander 3d platformer developed by a team with a strong track record there; I want to see what they can do given free reign in a mostly fallow genre with modern tools and sensibility.

    If they end up just turning out Banjo-Kazooie HD, I'll be disappointed.

  2. Yea, I think Scott made a very similar point. It's not like we have a slew of 3D platformers to choose from. I still wonder if they wouldn't be better served by accepting patronage in other ways than Kickstarter. It sounds like you'd back them blind, which I is really what they want to some from fans, right?

  3. Hey Jorge, I was really glad to hear you make your Lost/Myst comparison. I have been nursing the idea that a Myst style game would be perfect for a Lost game (I'm sure someone made a shitty LOST game, but I still like the idea)
    Also -- truth drop - I never played Myst for more than ten minutes. But I still remember what it looked like.
    Also, I liked what you said about the possible Myst TV show, and the hopes for something good. I think of shows like American Horror Story, where each story is one season long. I'm really glad TV has been trending in these more robust ways. As a Gen X/Y cusper, the TV today is what I was *begging* for when I was a teenager and lived inside the TV. Kids these days don't know what they have.

  4. You mean you never played the instant classic, LOST: Via Domus?

    It's basically the Ico of TV-based games.