Wednesday, July 4, 2012

EXP Podcast #178: Bastion Debrief

Supergiant Games released Bastion on XBLA back in 2011, but many players, including Scott, only recently had a chance to play the award-winning game when it joined other stellar works in the Humble Indie Bundle. This week on the podcast, Scott and I revisit one of my favorite games of 2011. Join us while we discuss what makes the game so special and the best way to bring the story to a powerful conclusion. As always, let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

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Show notes:

- Run time: 35 min 38 sec
- Interview with Darren Korb via Top Score with Emily Reese
- Music by Darren Korb via the Bastion Soundtrack


  1. Bastion really is just the game I wish I could love... I can see everything it does so well... but just don't quite get into it. The podcast inspired me to give it another go when i get the time

  2. I experienced a similar problem... I played half way through but there was nothing that pushed me to continue playing. Technically an excellent game, with the best sound design I've seen in a long time... but I found it shallow in its heart. Of course, that's just my opinion

  3. Other people I know who were left by Bastion cited similar experiences: nothing offensively bad, but nothing pushing them forward.

    I'd be interested to know what weapon pairs/tonics you used, as I get the sense that certain combos can make all the difference depending on your play style. Additionally, I think the plot itself makes the game worth completing (if you're into the whole authored narrative angle).

    This has actually started me thinking about other games that haven't "grabbed" me and why that happens...

  4. Mmm, the mystery of games 'grabbing' you is one certainly worth more exploration! Because often it can defy what you 'think' you want. (as I discovered when I finally tried Dynasty Warriors 7, a game I surely would find dull). And again a similar thing happened with Civ 5, tried previous ones, could never get into them. Free steam weekend and lost the entire weekend to it!

    I think for most games grabbing you it is more often about being played at the right time than it is about many of the games qualities though. The games that grab you are the ones that fill more of your entertainment needs at any given time.

    I certainly look forward to a podcast discussing the topic though!

    Also, Harry, I'm surprised you found it shallow. I didn't find combat particularly compelling, but coming from a strong Japanese Action RPG background, I didn't really expect it to be. I'm sure once I get all the idols activated I might change my tune on that particular note, but the way it presented story was really interesting...

    I think for me Bastion might be suffering a little in the same way many great RPGs do... The story is much better more interesting than the gameplay, and so any time not spent hearing about the story feels somewhat wasted... Bioware's games in general share this problem. Good solid gameplay, but not good enough to compete with being a better activity than the story. I know bastion is trying to combine the both of them and does so well, but I'm realistically only playing to hear what he has to say next...

    And to answer your question Scott, I picked the Swords and rapid fire gun (can't recall the names). Playing on PC, but using a controller. I must admit I didn't get that far though, maybe 2-3 hours?

    It's certainly on my to complete list, because as far as interesting ways to tell a story Bastion is up there.