Monday, December 17, 2012

Call for Favorite Things of 2012

The year is wrapping up, which inevitably results in the "Game of the Year" conversations, which certainly have their place in the industry. This year, Scott and I want to expand upon both the idea and the conversation by asking podcast listeners, guests past, and anyone, to send in your favorite things of the year to be featured on an upcoming EXP Podcast. Be they favorite levels, themes, industry trends, characters, games, or anything you can think up - all favorites are welcome!

Since we plan on including some of these favorites in an upcoming podcast, we encourage you to actually send in a recording of yourself talking about your "favorite thing". Don't be shy. Just email us an audio file of you answering "What is your favorite thing of 2012 and why?". Keep the messages under two minutes and feel free to talk about anything you like.

Want to participate but do not have easy access to a mic? Email us your favorite thing and why it is a memorable experience/idea/etc. from 2012 and we might read it/talk about it on the show. We look forward to hearing your picks!

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