Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EXP Podcast #201: A Day Z Dilemma

We mentioned in our 200th episode that the Experience Points Podcast would try out some new things. Well here is one of our first experimental podcasts. At the heart of this one is a great story by Drew Dixon about his time with Day Z. Initially I wanted to explore why good people do bad things in video games. Instead, I learned more about how reflecting on ethical dilemmas, even ones that turn out less than perfect, can be more rewarding than first imagined. A huge thanks is owed to Matt Lightfoot, Carolyn Jong, and Drew Dixon, for their incredibly insight and willingness to chat. The conversations we had were dramatically shortened for brevity, but every word was fascinating.

Of course we encourage you to share your thoughts on both the topic and this more experimental/themed podcast episode in the comments! If you like the show, be sure to share this episode with your friends and review us in iTunes. This type of podcast not your "cup of tea"? Never fear! We will be back tomorrow with another regular EXP Podcast.

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 22 min 56 sec
- "It's all gonna break," by Drew Dixon via GameChurch
- Music provided by Brad Sucks, Alastair Cameron, Broke For Free, and Hey Rosetta!


  1. Im diggin the new experimental format. Reminds me a lot of radiolab. Drop the topic then let the guest run with it. Do you find this format requires more, less or about the same amount of work on your parts?

  2. Hey Philip. I'm glad you like. So far, this format takes, far, far, far longer than our normal podcasts. Which is one of the reason we can't churn out these types of podcasts all that frequently. I imagine with time, however, the work flow will become easier.

    I already have so many ideas, and so little time.

  3. Feels very similar to A Life Well Wasted. Which is very interesting. I was turned off as soon as I recognized where it was going but as soon as I stopped focusing on the format and started listening to the content and how well it worked with it I felt satisfied.

    I'm not sure if this is the right type of podcast for every topic for the show but I feel like the more community intensive and/or event based podcasts would work well in it.

  4. Thanks for listening Chirag!

    We'll definitely be tweaking things as time goes on, so your feedback is much appreciated! I think you're right: this format lends itself better to certain topics, so we'll be sure to mix it up in terms of our normal style and our new experiments.

  5. I loved this podcast, reminded me of an NPR episode when people they interviewed with moral dilemmas accompanied with the background music.

  6. Thanks for listening and the feedback!

  7. I really liked this one. Thanks!

  8. Been listening and lurking for too long, so :
    I really like your podcasts - the depth of conversation and critique - and especially the tone of it. I know this podcast is different with less talk from you (due to "guests") - but I felt like thanking you guys today. So this goes out for all the espisodes I've listened to.
    Very nice comparison: DayZ == Far Cry 2 with mercs being real players.


  9. Thanks so much for listening and for stopping by the site!

  10. first time I listened to a podcast twice. really great show.

  11. Hey Simon. Just to repeat, thanks for the compliments!