Wednesday, December 5, 2012

EXP Podcast #200: The Bicentennial Show

Image from Flickr user Studio H (Chris)
Alright, so we haven't actually been doing the podcast for two hundred years, but it's still been a pretty long time! Two hundred episodes ago, Jorge and I started the podcast. It's been more fun than we could have imagined. This week, we get a little bit meta and talk about the show on the show. Don't worry: it's not just self congratulation. We're looking to switch some things up and try out some new ideas in hopes of making the next two hundred episodes even better.

As always, we couldn't be more grateful to our great audience. To everyone who has ever listened: thank you!

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Show notes:

- Runtime: 34 min 39 sec
- New site banner and logos by Phillip Andrew Wong,
- Sound effect from Freesound user Halleck
- Music provided by Brad Sucks


  1. It was a pity, i mean PLEASURE working with you guys! Hopefully I can find a way to contribute more in the future. Looking forward to the new format.

  2. Not sure if it was my favorite podcast, but I really enjoyed your Walking Dead debriefs. It was clear you two intentionally held off on discussing a lot about your respective experiences, which then translated to a lot of genuine surprise and enjoyable conversation.

  3. *Looks through podcasts*

    Favourite is such a hard word, here are the ones that stand out to me...

    Perspectives on play (74),What's in a name (90), single player socialites (117), Wii expected more (126), indie cast 3 (don't take it personally), Cross media (136), 2d literacy (indie 9), contextual greatness (156), Listener mail!, cheating habits (170), critical master, 172, playing with psychology 186

    And somewhere, there is the dads in gaming I didn't notice

    But looking forward to these new ideas new guests and so on. And on length, I have enough commuting to do that length really isn't an issue (because, hey, pause button when I need to do something else). So looking forward to some nice long discussions!

  4. Thanks for listening and for all the kind words, everyone!

  5. Hi guys.

    Congratulations on your 200th episode! Keep up the good work for another 200 episodes ;-)

    B.t.w. I like the new style for the 201th episode - let's get more interviews and stuff like that in the future.

    Best regards,


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