Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EXP Podcast #216: Hive, Board Games, and Developing AI

Hive tiles set.
New technology that aims to revolutionize gaming is around the corner, yet millions of people are still happy to sit down around a table and place an old-fashioned board game. The two industries have been growing, but have they been growing closer together or farther apart? Join Scott and me this week to discuss the relationships between board games and video games, then stick around while we chat with Sean Colombo about his experience translating the game Hive to the digital world.

As always, we encourage you to leave your thoughts in the comments section and, if you've been playing any fun board games lately, let us know what they are!

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Show notes:

- Hive, by Blueline Studios
- Runtime: 41 min 34 sec
- Music by: Brad Sucks


  1. Really enjoyed the AI discussions here.

    Also there are a number of games that try to do personality AI, although few spring to mind other than Perfect Dark and Pac man actually (one's aggressive, one is a team player, can't recall the 3rd ghost). Although most do it in pretty broad terms, I'd love it if someone could emulate the stress and so on in AI for really fast fighters like Guilty Gear and the Vs series.

  2. You're right; there's been really basic AI in games for a long time. Even in games like Secret of Mana, you could influence the kind of battle behavior your computer controlled pals had. It's just wild to think about how complex things can get when you start talking about proactive, rather than reactive behavior.